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Susano Royal Shogun 86 Oversized Jersey

Susano Royal Shogun 86 Oversized Jersey

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The Susano Royal Shogun 86 Oversized Jersey is the perfect addition to your sport and outdoor clothing collection. Made from high-quality air fabric with a thickness of 250gsm, this jersey provides both comfort and durability.

  • Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Fit: Loose-Fitting

The loose-fitting design of this jersey ensures optimal ventilation, allowing you to stay cool and dry during your days. The short sleeves provide a full range of motion for your arms, making it easier to move around freely. This oversized jersey is not only practical but also stylish with its sleek Susano Royal Shogun 86 design. The Susano Royal Shogun 86 Oversized Jersey offers comfort and durability with its air fabric material. Its short sleeves provide full range arm motion while its loose-fitting design ensures optimal ventilation for staying cool during workouts or outdoor activities. With its stylish design featuring the Susano Royal Shogun 86 logo, it's sure to be a favorite clothing collection.

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